The Ukulele Society of California's Central Coast

Frequently asked questions


When and where do you meet?
We meet twice  a month,  the 2nd and 4th Monday, from 7 PM to 9 PM, at Mount Carmel Lutheran Church, 1701 Fredericks Street in San Luis Obispo, California.

Are guests welcome?
Yes! We welcome prospective members as well as strummers passing through the area. 

Is there a fee to join?
There's no membership fee, but we do ask for a $5 donation each meeting to cover the cost of miscellaneous expenses we incur throughout the year. 

Do I need to purchase music?
No. We have a great, friendly group and our members are happy to share music with you until you decide to join. Our music library is on-line;  our members  view, print or download the next meeting's music when  the  song  list  is  sent  out. Some prefer to use a tablet device, while others prefer to print the music and keep it in a three-ring binder. For more information, contact our UkuLibrarian, Bonnie McElwain, at

What kind of music do you play?

We enjoy learning various genres of music, both songs and instrumental ensembles. 

Are  you  a  song  circle?

Other ukulele groups in the area introduce different songs at each meeting. We  enjoy learning  music,  practice  half  a  dozen songs  at  each  meeting,  and  perform from time to time  at  retirement  residences,  libraries,  and  noontime  concerts.

I'm a beginner. Is this the right group for me?
While we have several members who started as beginners, you'll probably enjoy yourself more if you have a little experience under your belt. You’ll need  to  know  basic chords and strumming patterns, and the C scale. There are several local groups that are great for beginners. One is the Baywood Ukulele Social Club. In addition to a group sing- and strum-along, they give lessons in the hour before the general group meets. Of course, you're always welcome to come to SLO Strummers and just observe.